Dripping Tap

How to Repair a Dripping Tap

Before you go getting rid of your old tap and spending money on a new one, read this article. The cause of a frustrating dripping tap is often as simple as a faulty washer. Following our easy steps will help you check if this is the cause of your issue, and then show you how to fix it. 

Step 1: Turn Off Water Supply

Turn off both the hot and cold water supply under the sink. If this is not possible, you may need to turn off the water from your hot press or from the mains. Allow the tap to run until the water drains from the pipes.

Step 2: Put Plug In Drain

Put a plug into the plughole to stop any screws of small parts falling down the waste pipe. 

Step 3: Prise Top off Tap

Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the cover from the tap top; some are cover plates and some are bell shaped screw-on covers. 

Step 4: Remove Parts

Remove the retaining screw, the coloured indicator ring, and the handle. 

Step 5: Remove Headgear Nut

Using an adjustable wrench or spanner, loosen and remove the headgear nut. Tip; when turning the headgear nut make sure you don’t turn the whole tap body, as this may rupture or strain the water pipe under the sink. Get someone to hold the tap while you use the spanner to turn the nut. If it is still difficult, apply a little penetrating oil to the headgear nut and let it soak in for 15 minutes. You should also grease the threads of the headgear nut before you reassemble the tap. 

Step 6: Expose Faulty Washer

Withdraw the jumper valve assembly to expose the faulty washer. 

Step 7: Replace Washer & Reassemble

Prise off the old washer, replace it with a new washer and reassemble the tap. Check the tap is turned off before switching the mains water supply back on.

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