How to Set Up your new Washing Machine

Have you gotten a brand new washing machine? Setting it up is not as complicated as you may think. Follow these steps below and get your washing machine set up and ready to go. 

Step 1: Unplug Old Machine

Before you can install your new washing machine, you need to pull the old washing machine out from its spot and unplug it from the socket.

Step 2: Turn Off Water Supply

This is a step you definitely don’t want to miss. Turn off the water supply. Some washing machines use only a cold water feed but some washing machines use both cold and hot water feeds. 


Step 3: Remove Drain Hose

The washing machine waste pipe feeds into the top of the standpipe; simply pull the pipe to remove it from the standpipe. 

Step 4: Unscrew Water Feed

Unscrew the water feed from the back of the washing machine ensuring you do not lose the rubber washer. Then you can remove the old washing machine. 


Step 5: Position New Washing Machine

Make sure you always read the manufacturer’s instructions before installing a new appliance. The machine will most likely have brackets in place inside the drum to hold it in position while in transit. These will need to be removed before use or it will break the machine, see the manufacturer’s instructions for further detail. Carefully remove the packaging from your new washing machine using a utility knife where required. Position the new washing machine in place. Reattach the cold water feed to the back of the new washing machine. 

Step 6: Refit Drain Pipe

You must plug the machine into the socket and turn on the water supply. Refit the drain pipe. Ensure the water supply is firmly attached and check for leaks. 

Step 7: Push New Washing Machine Into Place

If you are happy that there are no drips or leaks from the water feed, push the washing machine back into its final position. Ensure you comply with legislation by bringing your old washing machine to a recognised recycling facility. There may be a small fee for this service but this is to ensure the protection of our environment. 

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