Essential Garden Tools

At Midland Hardware we aim to give you the best DIY advice that you can use to get your projects completed. In this blog post, we aim to give you an introduction to some of the best Garden Tools that are a necessity for every Irish garden.  There are a lot of tools that can […]...

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How to Clean your Gutters

At Midland Hardware, we like to help our customers with general DIY advice when we can. In this quick article we will look at maintaining and cleaning gutters.  Clean gutters are an essential part of keeping your home dry, avoiding leaks and avoiding dampness in your home. Typical Irish winters...

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Dripping Tap
How to Repair a Dripping Tap

Frustrating dripping tap is often as simple as a faulty washer. Following our easy steps will help you check if this is the cause of your issue, and then show you how to fix it. ...

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What’s the best way to light a Solid Fuel Stove?

Solid fuel stoves have become increasingly popular as people strive to reduce their heating bills. They are up to three times more efficient than an open fire, and offer superior performance and control. Follow our easy guide to light your solid fuel stove....

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How to Set Up your new Washing Machine

Have you gotten a brand new washing machine? Setting it up is not as complicated as you may think. Follow these steps below and get your washing machine set up and ready to go. ...

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