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10LLCO 10-Year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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The Kidde 10LLCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm is sleek and lightweight with a non-replaceable, sealed-in Lithium battery which provides 10 years of continuous protection, meaning that the battery will not have to be changed for the duration of the alarms life.

It has a unique water-based Kidde CO Electrochemical Sensor and features an alarm memory, meaning that a red LED will flash every 60 seconds to indicate a CO event has occurred.

A CO Quick-Test feature temporarily desensitises the CO sensor to allow quick-testing using approved CO sprays. An interrogation feature allows peak level, test history to be analysed by Kidde upon arrangement. The alarm has 3 LEDs – alarm, operate and fault. Its end-of-life alarm alerts the user to replace the alarm. A test/reset button allows regular testing of the alarm function.

Ideal for use in all living areas and can be installed on a wall or ceiling or used free-standing on a table or shelf. It is also easily portable so can be taken away on holidays.

BSI Certified to EN52091-1.
CE Tested & Certified.

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20 in stock