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10LLDCO 10-Year Sealed Battery Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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The Kidde 10LLDCO Alarm is sleek and lightweight with a non-replaceable, sealed-in Lithium battery which provides 10 years of continuous protection, meaning the battery will not have to be changed for the duration of the alarm’s life.

Its digital display clearly shows the levels of carbon monoxide. A peak level display allows the highest CO level recorded (between 11 – 999ppm) to be displayed. The 10LLDCO has a unique, water-based Kidde CO Electrochemical Sensor.

It features a CO ‘Quick-Test’ feature allowing the alarm to be temporarily desensitised to allow quick testing using approved CO spray.

The alarm’s interrogation feature allows peak level and test history to be analysed by Kidde upon arrangement. It has 3 LED’s – alarm, operate and fault, and an end-of-life warning alerting the user when to replace the alarm. A test/reset button allows regular testing of the alarm function.

Ideal for use in all living areas and can be installed on a wall, or ceiling, or used free-standing on a table or shelf. It is also easily portable so can be taken on holidays.

BSI Certified to EN52091-1.
CE Tested & Certified.

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20 in stock