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AERO 360º Moisture Absorber

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The UniBond AERO 360º Moisture Absorber helps protect your home from excess moisture and its consequences. Thanks to its 360° air circulation, the AERO 360° dehumidifier and odour neutraliser effectively absorbs moisture to help create a comfortable indoor climate and prevent common damp problems such as condensation, mould and musty smells.

Featuring innovative 2-in-1 refill tab technology, the moisture absorber not only reduces excess moisture but also neutralises odours. The AERO 360° tab is comprised of ultra-active crystals and its patented wave-shaped surface enhances air exposure and circulation. Additionally, the tab includes patented anti-odour agents which capture and neutralise bad smells. The UniBond moisture absorber device also indicates when a refill is required, promising non-stop moisture control. 

Create a healthy indoor climate with the UniBond AERO 360º Moisture Absorber! Ideal for rooms of up to 20m² (e.g. bedroom, living room, kitchen). Unique AERO 360° refill tab lasts up to 3 months. Depending on moisture level and room temperature.

To use:

Push the ‘OPEN’ button on the top of the device and slide open. Open the UniBond dehumidifier refill tab packaging. Place the refill onto the open lid with the blue side facing downwards and close device. Once the tab is fully dissolved, open the spout and pour the salty solution into the toilet. Repeat the process with a new tab.

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50 in stock

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