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Assembly Pack Pliers Set, 3 Piece

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The Knipex Assembly Pack Plier Set features the most popular sizes with 2 component, soft-grip handles. Contains:

1 x 03 02 180 Combination Pliers with 2 component, soft-grip handles and longer cutting edges for thicker cables. Gripping zones for flat and round materials. Additionally hardened cutting surfaces.

Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.2mm, Medium Hard: 3.4mm, Multi-Strand: 12.0mm.

1 x 26 12 200 Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers with long flat round jaws. Highly loadable, elastic precision points with blades. Cutting edges separately induction hardened. Made from special tool steel, oil-hardened. 61HRC. Fitted with multi-component grips.

Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.2mm, Medium: 3.2mm.

1 x 70 02 160 Diagonal Cutting Pliers with 2 component, soft-grip handles. They are the essential cutting tool for versatile use with highly precise machined cutting edges for a long service life and clean cutting of hard wire. Edge hardness approximately 62 HRc.

Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.5mm, Medium: 3.0mm, Soft: 4.0mm.

Price € 70,38 excl VAT€ 86,57 incl VAT

5 in stock

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