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Competence XL electrician Tool Kit, 82 Piece (inc. Case)

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The 82 Piece Wiha Competence XL electrician Tool Kit contains everything an electrician needs. All the VDE tools in this kit have been individually tested at 10,000 V AC for electrical safety in accordance with IEC 60900:2012. Approved for 1,000 V AC.
Supplied in a XL Competence Case. Made of robust polypropylene, the cases also feature gas-filled shock absorbers, which hold the lid in different positions, preventing it from closing automatically.
The tool inserts have been designed to help you work efficiently by ensuring that all tools are quickly and easily accessible. There is also a large storage space in the toolbox, ideal for more small parts and other equipment.

Contains the following:

4 x SoftFinish® electric Hex Nut Drivers: 5.5 x 125mm, 7.0 x 125mm, 8.0 x 125mm & 10.0 x 125mm.

4 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Slotted Screwdrivers: 3.5 x 100mm, 4.0 x 100mm, 5.5 x 125mm & 6.5 x 150mm.

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Phillips Screwdrivers: PH1 x 80mm & PH2 x 100mm.

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Pozidriv Screwdrivers: PZ1 x 80mm & PZ2 x 100mm.

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix PlusMinus/Phillips Screwdrivers: SL/PH1 x 80mm, SL/PH2 x 100mm.

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix PlusMinus/Pozidriv Screwdrivers: SL/PZ1 x 80mm, SL/PZ2 x 100mm.

1 x SoftFinish® Slotted Screwdriver with one-piece hexagonal blade and solid steel cap 12.0 x 200mm.

1 x LiftUp electric Screwdriver with 6 x 75mm Bits: SL3.0, SL4.0, SL5.5, PH1, PH2 & SL/PZ2.

1 x XLSelector Standard Bit Set, 31 Piece (30 x 25mm Bits: SL4.5, SL5.5, SL6.5, PH1(x2), PH2(x4), PH3, PZ1(x2), PZ2(x5), PZ3, T10(x2), T15(x2), T20(x2), T25(x2), T30(x2), T40 and 1 x Magnetic Bit Holder 58mm).

1 x BiCut® Professional High-performance Diagonal Cutters with DynamicJoint® 200mm.

1 x Classic Precision Mechanic’s Diagonal Cutters with opening spring 125mm.

1 x Professional electric Diagonal Cutters with DynamicJoint® 180mm.

1 x Professional electric Water Pump Pliers with push button adjustment 250mm.

1 x Professional electric Curved Needle Nose Pliers 200mm.

1 x Professional electric Combination Pliers with DynamicJoint® 180mm.

1 x Professional electric Needle Nose Pliers 200mm.

1 x TriCut Professional electric Installation Pliers 170mm.

1 x L-key Hex Ball Set, 10 Piece in Compact Holder (1.5-10mm).

1 x Automatic Stripping Tool (up to 6mm²).

1 x Stripping Tool for round cables 165mm.

1 x Crimping Tools for wire-end sleeves 220mm

1 x Switch Cabinet Key

1 x Single-pole, Non-contact Volt Detector, 90–1,000 VAC (with 2 x AAA batteries)

1 x SoftFinish® Single-pole Voltage Tester 110-250V

1 x Longlife Folding Ruler 2m

1 x Control Cabinet Spirit Level 20cm

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