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Fire Extinguisher Multipurpose 2.0kg ABC

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This Kidde KSPD2G Multi-Purpose 2.0kg ABC Fire Extinguisher is designed for use on small domestic fires before they get out of control and without taking unnecessary risks.
A fire extinguisher’s rating is the measure of its firefighting capability, and for domestic purposes, an ABC-rated extinguisher is recommended because it can be used on most types of fire common to the home or vehicle. It is also safe for use on electrical fires.
This extinguisher has a pressure gauge for added reassurance it is fully charged, and ready to use. A mounting bracket is included as standard.
It is fully certified to the European standard EN3 and is 13A 89BC fire rated.

Fire Ratings;
A = wood, paper, textiles.
B = petrol, oils and paints.
C = flammable gases.

The KIDKSPD2G has the following specifications:

Fire Rating 13A 89BC.
Extinguishing Agent 2kg dry powder (Ammonium Biphosphate and Ammonium Sulphate).
Discharge Range 4m.
Discharge Duration 10 sec.
Temperature Range -30˚C to + 60˚C.
Propellant 15 bar nitrogen.
Pressure Gauge Yes.
Mounting Bracket Included as standard.
Warranty 6 years.


Unit Dimensions (boxed) 330mm x 158mm x 115mm.
Unit Weight (boxed) 3.7kg.

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20 in stock

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