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ProTouch Retractable Blade Knife

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This Irwin® ProTouch Retractable Blade Knife is ideal for general maintenance jobs. It has a lightweight, hard-wearing aluminium body which gives 6 times longer life. It also has thicker walls in areas of greatest wear, e.g., nose underside, and heel.
The blades are virtually unbreakable, and have a quick blade change feature, spring-loaded push-button opener. It is designed to fit the hand, allowing maximum grip, and minimum wrist distortion.
The blade slider is held permanently in place whilst a magnet holds the working blade in place. Spare blades are held securely so there is no edge damage, and no rattle, featuring a hinged opening mechanism.
This knife has an optimised cutting angle to minimise fatigue and includes magnetic blade retention, and storage for up to 5 blades.
Patented quick blade release for easy renewal of sharp blade edge.


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100 in stock