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SET/SS31X1/4TC TCT Router Cutter Set, 30 Piece

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The Trend SET/SS31X1/4TC Router Cutter Set contains a range of popular tungsten carbide tipped cutters for a variety of applications. Suitable for softwood, hardwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF. Supplied in an aluminium carry case.


9 x Non-bearing Straight Cutters: 5 x 12mm, 6 x 20mm, 8 x 20mm, 10 x 20mm, 12 x 20mm, 14 x 20mm, 16 x 20mm, 18 x 20mm and 20 x 20mm

2 x Non-bearing Core Box Cutters: R3.2mm and R6.35mm

2 x Non-bearing 45° V-Groove Cutters: 9.5mm and 12.7mm

1 x Non-bearing Dovetail Cutter 9.5mm/13mm

1 x Non-bearing Classic Panel Cutter 12.7mm

4 x Guided Round Over Cutters: R3.2mm, R6.3mm, R7.9mm and R9.5mm

4 x Guided Ovolo Cutters: R3.2mm, R6.3mm, R7.9mm and R9.5mm

1 x Guided 45° Chamfer Cutter 31.5mm

1 x Guided 25° Chamfer Cutter 16mm

1 x Guided Trimmer 12.7 x 13mm

2 x Guided Cove Cutters: R6.3mm and 9.5mm

1 x Guided Rebate Cutter 9.5 x 28.6mm

1 x Guided Roman Ogee R4 x 25mm

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