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SET/SS9TC 1/2in TCT Router Bit Starter Set, 15 Piece

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Trend SET/SS9TC 15 Piece Router Bit Starter Set contains a range of popular 1/2in tungsten carbide tipped cutters for a variety of applications. Suitable for softwood, hardwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF. Supplied in a plastic carry case.


1 x Single Flute: 4.8 x 11mm.
3 x Two Flute: 6.3 x 19mm, 12.7 x 25mm and 19 x 25mm.
1 x Dovetail: 12.7mm.
2 x Guided Round Over: R9.5mm and R12.7mm.
1 x Guided Chamfer: 45°.
1 x Guided Roman Ogee: R4mm.
1 x Guided Trimmer: 12.7mm.
2 x Guided Cove: R6.3mm and R12.7mm.
1 x V-Groove: 45°.
1 x Core Box: R6.35mm.
1 x Guided Rebater: Rebate 11.1mm.

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5 in stock

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