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Silicone Tape 25mm x 3m Black

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The Faithfull Silicone Tape is a self-fusing tape creating an airtight and moisture proof seal. This self-bonding wrap is manufactured from a special high quality silicone rubber compound which adheres to itself when wrapped under tension, forming a non-conductive, air and watertight seal.
Silicone tape can safely be used in temperatures of up to 260°C and remains flexible down to -50°C. The tape can provide Insulation of up to 8000 Volts per unstretched layer or (400 Volts/mil) and has a tensile strength of 600psi.
During application Silicone tape will stretch by up to 300% and will conform to irregular shapes. The Faithfull tape contains no adhesive and leaves no residue when removed and resists UV light and weathering.
It has hundreds of uses around the home, garden, garage, workshop, worksite and in marine applications. Ideal for conducting emergency repairs, WRAS approved product.


Colour: Black.
Width: 25mm.
Length: 3m.


Price € 8,25 excl VAT€ 10,15 incl VAT

20 in stock

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