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SYSTEM 6 SoftFinish® Interchangeable Screwdriver Set, 12 Piece

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The Wiha SYSTEM 6 SoftFinish® Screwdriver Set is a versatile, space-saving interchangeable tool. SYSTEM 6 interchangeable blades are made from high quality CVM steel, through hardened with a Titanium silver finish and lasered output sizes. They can reach lengths between 42 and 114mm, allowing you to reach low-lying screws in blind holes. Thanks to the SYSTEM 6 interchangeable blades, the required blade profile can be quickly and easily inserted and the blade length fixed to requirements. 

This 12 Piece Set contains the following:

1 x SoftFinish®-telescopic Screwdriver Handle. The patented SoftFinish® handle ensures work is kind to hands and muscles. Recommended by doctors and therapists at the German Campaign for Healthier Backs. A click-stop ball clamp guarantees a secure hold for blades. Compatible with all Wiha SYSTEM 6 interchangeable blades (series 284).

2 x Slotted SYSTEM 6 Interchangeable Blades: 4.0/6.0 x 150mm & 5.5/6.5 x 150mm.

1 x Phillips SYSTEM 6 Interchangeable Blade: PH1/PH2 x 150mm.

1 x Pozidriv SYSTEM 6 Interchangeable Blade: PZ1/PZ2 x 150mm.

3 x Ball End Hex SYSTEM 6 Interchangeable Blades: 4.0/4.0 x 150mm, 5.0/5.0 x 150mm & 6.0/6.0 x 150mm.

3 x TORX® SYSTEM 6 Interchangeable Blades: T10/T15 x 150mm, T20/T25 x 150mm & T30/T40 & 150mm.

1 x Robust Roll-up Bag, ensures tools are neatly packed away, saving space.

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