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TEMP/SS/A Template Shelf Support 32mm Centre

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The Trend TEMP/SS/A Template allows routing or drilling of 32mm centre holes for 5mm diameter shelf supports. Made from clear plastic with an adjustable clamping bar with two locking knobs. This template can be used to add existing holes to a unit, or for user-made shelves, the index lines to allow for easy setup. Holes can be positioned between 10 and 64mm from the edge of the board.

Supplied with 12 x 5mm metal shelf supports, 1 x alloy knurled index pin and 1 x Ø9.5mm guide bush.

The template can also be used with a power drill and an accessory quick-release 5mm shelf support drill bit guide Ref. SNAP/SS/5MM or TEMP/SSD/5MM. This bit has a lip and spur drill fitted for drilling blind holes.

Requires two clamps and 5mm TCT router dowel drill Ref. 61/05 or C174.

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