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Triple Protect Wall Tile Grout Reviver 125ml

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UniBond Triple Protect Wall Tile Grout Reviver has a waterproof and durable formula. Revives old and tired grout to keep your tiles looking fresh and professional. Repels and protects against mould. It is the ideal choice for sprucing up wall and floor tiles in bathroom, kitchen and the shower.


1. Ensure the joints are clean, dry and free from mould and loose grout. Replace missing grout where necessary using UniBond grout
2. Shake the tube well with the cap on before use
3. Carefully remove cap and apply the product evenly to the grout line by gently sqeezing the tube. Allow to dry (approx. 30 minutes) and remove excess grout reviver from the surface of the tile using a damp cloth
4. Apply further product if necessary
5. After use remove sponge applicator and rinse in water. Replace sponge and cap afterwards
6. Ensure product is fully dry before allowing water contact

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