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B-53811 Drill & Screwdriver Bit Accessory Set, 100 Piece

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The Makita B-53811 Drill & Screwdriver Bit Accessory Set includes a wide variety of the most commonly used power tool accessories within the building industry. It also includes a tic-tac container which can be removed from the case and carried in a pocket for added convenience. Contains:

25 x 25mm PZ2 Bits in a Tic-Tac Tub

7 x 25mm Phillips Bits: PH1(2), PH2(3), PH3(2)
15 x Pozi Bits: PZ1(2), PZ2(11), PZ3(2)
4 x 25mm Slotted Bits: 4, 4.5, 5, 7mm
6 x TORX Bits: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30, TX40
4 x Hex Bits: 4, 5, 6, 7mm

5 x 50mm Phillips Bits: PH1, PH2(3), PH3
5 x 50mm Pozi Bits: PZ1, PZ2(3), PZ3
2 x 50mm TORX Bits: TX20, TX30

1 x Magnetic Bit Holder
1 x Countersink

2 x Holesaws: 32, 38mm
1 x Holesaw Arbor

3 x Nut Drivers: 6, 8, 10mm

2 x Flat Wood Bits: 12, 16mm

6 x HSS drill Bits: 2, 3(2), 4, 5, 6mm

7 x 3-Point Wood Drill Bits: 3(2), 4, 5(2), 6, 8mm

4 x Masonry Drill Bits: 6(2), 7, 8mm

Price € 28,35 excl VAT€ 34,87 incl VAT

100 in stock

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