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White Grout Reviver Pen 7ml

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The UniBond Grout Reviver Pen lets you revive the look of your bathroom walls. Restore and refresh old bathroom grout which has become faded and discoloured. Thanks to the innovative pen shape, the grout pen ensures precise covering of old joints with an ice white grout layer leaves grouts look as good as new again.

In addition, the durable grout pen offers triple protection mould resistance repels, kills and prevents mould growth, making it ideal for moisture-rich rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. The grout cleaner can cover up to 60m and even dries within 60 minutes, meaning showers can be used shortly after application. 

To apply: Ensure joints are clean and dry. Shake the pen well before use and apply to the joints. After just one hour, the new grout layer is waterproof. Store the product in a dry, cool and frost-free environment and keep the pen well-closed.

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100 in stock